Who Needs A Personal Injury Attorney?

Have You Been Injured Personally in An Accident?

I remember the first time I was a passenger where I was involved in a car accident. At the time, I thought it was weird that the moment the accident happened, there was thisĀ personal injury attorney from Oklahoma City that started to approach us and ask us if we needed a lawyer.

Being that the auto accident just happened, I was in shock and wasn’t thinking clearly, so I took the accident attorney from OKC business card and proceeded to go about my business and seeing if everyone was ok and if they needed immediate medical attention.

After leaving the scene of this car accident an finally being able to go to the hospital to get checked out, my thoughts began to come back to me and I reached into my pocket to pull out the lawyers’ business card. So not really knowing how to proceed with this car wreck situation, I called up the Oklahoma City injury lawyer and started to ask some questions and get his advice on how to proceed.

Don’t Talk To Insurance Company Without a Personal Injury Lawyer

After talking to the injury attorney that met me first at the scene of the accident, he suggested to not talk to the insurance company without having legal representation. The reason that you want to have an attorney represent you in car accidents, is because the insurance company does not want to pay out claims, and they will try to settle with you for the least amount of money possible.

This is where having a dedicated car accident lawyer will help you tremendously. These attorneys are experts at helping those who have been injured and getting them the most compensation for their pain and suffering. The personal injury lawyers will always get paid from your settlement and never ask you to pay upfront.

So this is a win-win for you and the attorney, because you don’t have any out-of-pocket costs and they don’t get paid until you win. It is in their best interest that they win so that they can get paid. Injury attorneys have to pay out expenses and may not get paid, so they want to make sure that you have a strong case so you and they both receive compensation.

Another reason to have an accident attorney represent you if you’re injured, is because they can get you compensation for your lost wages too. Most insurance companies will only pay for your damaged car and hospital bills but not compensate you for any lost income you missed because you were too injured to go back to work right away.

This is why having a lawyer that is an expert in personal injury cases, can get you a much better compensation package for you in almost every circumstance. They know they law, and they know what you deserve in getting paid from the party that is at fault. Insurance company’s will try their best to get away from admitting any fault, so that they can pay out the least settlement that they can.

Insurance adjusters have the job of not paying out huge claims. So they will typically throw a low-ball money offer at you in the hopes that you will take the money and run. As most people take this option, the insurance company actually wins, because they don’t pay out as much in settlement money.

However, when you have an attorney that is used to getting his clients more money from insurance companies due to the severity of his clients’ injuries, you are the one who wins because you get a much larger settlement. So if you are ever injured in a car or truck accident and are trying to decide if you need help from a lawyer, call your local injury attorney on the phone and they will always have free consultations and let you know if having a lawyer will help you.



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