Minuteman Project Protest

The confrontation gets heated when opposing sides disagree on the the topic.


Americans Standing up for What’s Right

Choose Black America to carry Chicago Workshop and Press Conference:Defending the Legacy of the American Civil Rights Movement Against Illegal Alien Advocacy Networks


Choose Black America (CBA), a coalition of black American leaders and veterans with the American civil rights movement will hold a press conference and workshop targeted at defending the actual legacy in the struggle for civil rights in America.

The legacy along with the indicating the struggle of black American to attain equal treatment under the law is under attack by the network of illegal alien advocacy organizations. Equating the strain of illegal aliens for amnesty and other benefits, towards the black civil rights movement trivializes the historic injustices to Americans of African descent and the heroism of those that fought to beat racial discrimination.

Chicago may be the epicenter of the illegal alien advocacy network’s try and co-opt the moral legacy in the civil rights struggle. Illegal alien advocates are shamelessly exploiting the memory of Rosa Parks, by comparing her stand against racial injustice achievable of Elvira Arellano, a prohibited alien trying to claim the mantle of civil rights in their effort to evade deportation.


What is the Minuteman Project?

The Minuteman Project is an activist organization started in August 2004 by a group of private individuals in the United States to monitor the United States – Mexico border’s flow of illegal immigrants

Minuteman Project

Word From Founder & President of the Minuteman Project Jim Gilchrist: